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Friday 13th

Posted in My Week In A Nutshell by therugbynut on November 13, 2009

Wow, where has time flown – has it really been that long since i last blogged. Well it has been eventful 12 months, i started playing again in January 2010 after much anticipation and soul searching. But i am absolutely loving it again, still have the drive to play every week and although we are playing either 2nd team or Vets and 8 of us over 40, especially when it is your mates and a few beers are had.

Diasppointingly my U17 age group has disbanded due to lack of numbers prior to Christmas – we’ll see if we can get them restarted after christmas as more boys are available then

We have had a few games cancelled recently due to 1st team stealing our players, so that is slightly frustrating – think maybe have a maximum of 3 years left before i am forced to retire 🙂 Although, Sasha does love coming to watch as she says my legs are still a turn on – fantastic, even at my age.

This week it is Kesteven 2nds away – be a tough game – thinking about it, have we ever played them at home!

Till next time



Kesteven v Stamford

Posted in 6 Nations by therugbynut on November 21, 2008

Stamford v Sleaford

Posted in Coaching Junior Rugby by therugbynut on November 21, 2008

Stamford suffer heavy defeat
26th Oct 08 – Sleaford 43 vs 5 Stamford Rugby Club see 

Stamford suffered a heavy defeat on Sunday against Sleaford. A very powerful Sleaford team made them pay for some basic defensive errors made by a largely new team still taking shape.


Stamford held the home side until midway through the first half, when one of Sleaford’s wingers made a run around the outside of the Stamford defence. Up to that point Stamfords one on one defence had been good, and had forced several penalties in their own half, with Robert Salt leading the defence at the rucks.

Kicks over the top of the Stamford line were met well by Harry Olsen, who not only proved reliable under the high ball, but made some powerful charging runs back at Sleaford. Impressive half-breaks were also made in the midfield by Ben Cave and Matt Stanton, but Stamford failed to capitalise.

Some disappointing line-outs ended with further Sleaford scores, but Michael Paige’s ever improving throwing was a sign of improvement.

As Sleaford started to draw away the Stamford defence started to give. A break by the home sides centre, near the end of the first half, however was put to an end by a brilliant tackle by Sam Dodds, almost certainly preventing a try.

There was no let up in the second half, with Sleaford scoring several times through their quick wingers. Stamford struck back however, with a well-executed driving maul from a lineout close to the Sleaford line, with Tom Kellet touching down. Alex Fitzjohn almost made Sleaford pay for their complacency, also making a series of charging runs upfield.

Despite the scoreline, Stamford made a good account of themselves with some huge tackles. However all in all, a disappointing result, but some definite signs of improvement.

Stamford RUFC U16s

Posted in Coaching Junior Rugby by therugbynut on November 21, 2008

To find out how Stamford U16s are doing see this link, which is also on the right

Chairty Ice Hockey Game

Posted in Fun by therugbynut on November 13, 2008

Well, i agreed to get involved in a charity ice hockey game on wednesday 12th November 08

I went on the ice last sunday for the first time ever and my friends gave me little hope for the game on wednesday, but somehow i got through it.

If you would like to see the chaos that occurred watch this

The good looking guy in blue 4 is me and somehow we managed to win 5-2

Stay rugby nuts


IRB Guide to Experimental Law Variations

Posted in Laws by therugbynut on August 17, 2008

An update will follow, but in the meantime see this guide from the IRB on the new ELVs which came into effect on 1st August 08

Olympic Drive for Rugby

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Rugby’s push for inclusion at the Olympics

Real Haka

Posted in Fun by therugbynut on August 3, 2007

gingerbread haka

Happy to take this lot on!

Rugby World Cup 2007

Posted in RWC by therugbynut on July 24, 2007

Well here goes, here is my prediction.

Based on recent performances, it has to be New Zealand and Australia as the top 2, with South Africa as the next closest. Then a Northern Hemisphere side, but which one – realistically Scotland, Wales and England haven’t a chance.
Ireland remind me of the England of 4 years ago, but are inconsistent. France depends which team turns up.

So here it is…………………..

6 October:
QF1: W Pool B Australia v RU Pool A England , Marseille (1400 BST)
QF2: W Pool C New Zealand v RU Pool D France, Cardiff (2000 BST)
7 October:
QF3: W Pool A South Africa v RU Pool B Wales, Marseille (1400 BST)
QF4: W Pool D Ireland v RU Pool C Italy, Stade de France (2000 BST)
13 October:
SF1: W QF1 Australia v W QF2 New Zealand, Stade de France (2000 BST)
14 October:
SF2: W QF3 South Africa v W QF4 Ireland, Stade de France (2000 BST)
19 October:
3rd place play-off Australia v Ireland, Parc des Princes (2000 BST)
20 October:
Final, New Zealand v South Africa Stade de France (2000 BST)  South Africa Win!

Well it might not be too far off and worth a small bet

 Till next time


Winning Ways

Posted in My Week In A Nutshell by therugbynut on September 29, 2006

Before I get on to last week’s result, which I think you can guess, I went training again last night and after the success of last week’s session, we had almost double the number of players. We spent a good 45 mins playing touch, then a warm up (? don’t you do that beforehand) and then some scrummaging, lineout and back moves. Unfortunately I had to st out the forward work as I managed to go over on my knee during the touch. Bagged it with ice and the swelling has definitely gone down, I am not one of those players that like to drop out at the last minutes, so come hell or high water I’ll be there.

Back to last weekend, with turned up at St. Ives at the same moment as the ref, oh my god it was the same chap who had ref’d us at the Oundle 7s and been absolutely lam-blasted by the other refs for his poor decisions. He told me he had just been promoted to 2nd team games, East Midland Referees, my god they must be desperate or not have watched him.

 Anyway back to the game, what a physical encounter, we keep coming up against huge front rows, this week the tight head was a good 25 stone, I know this personally as the ………. managed to stand on my hand. We drove them at a couple of scrums and all afternoon I was winning against the head as they weren’t that experienced in that department, which is quite satisfying. We were dominating possession throughout, but couldn’t turn it into points. The final pass let us down, the player would become isolated and just toss it out, usual 2nd team stuff or more likely we got ourselves isolated, in any event we were camped out in their half, playing up hill and with the wind in our faces all that first half. We turned round at 0-0, shocking. Throughout the game, it was a bit niggely, but the ref wasn’t doing much about it and I was having my usual good banter with the ref or so I thought.

Second half, we finally got our act together, we opened the scoring in the lefthand corner, when we stretched them one way, then another. At kick off, we fell asleep and for teh first time in the game, they got into our 22 and just ran straight through us and scored under the sticks, a 7 pointer. They actually led 7-5 and for a few minutes, I actually thought they were going to win.

Then a bizarre situation happened, can’t remember who, but someone called the lineout and I threw in, the ref blew up, we all look confused and he said that he had been standing in the line, I slightly flippantly said can you move then please – nothing in it, but the twat penalised us and awarded a free kick. At the next break down, Neck went over to ask the ref what the decision was for and the ref said ‘you can ask him if you want’, well I lost it at that point, I have never lost it at a ref before, I may have sworn at them, but that was it. I gave him a verbal tirade, not something that I am proud of, but it had pushed the boundary. Cleverly, Neck walked the ref away and we got on with the game. The ref from that point on stood trying to stare aggressively at me, I just ignored him and got on with my game, I had got my tension out.

Back to the game again, we had about 9 minutes on the clock at this point and were losing, but we scored two tries in quick succession to walk away, 15-7 winners over St. Ives. They were a nice bunch of boys, but just like last season, we had to grind out a tough win against them.

When we got back to the club, the beer tasted very good. There was a silly hat theme been run that night, everyone was heading into town with silly hats, but we (Chris, Paul & myself) decided to head off to Paul’s to watch the Harlequin v Leicester game, we would catch them up later.  What a dour affair that was, couple of good tries by Leicester, but they look anything other than ordinary at the moment – no dog about them. Quins were up 9-5 at half time and if it hadn’t been for the sin binning of Will Skinner for a needless late shoulder charge on Burke, they might have held out for a win. In stead of which Tigers scored while he was off the pitch. Yet again though another close game. Unlike the the Currie Cup game and Air NewZealand that I watched Friday night/Saturday morning.

You could see why the Pumas and Falcons are bottom of the table as they appear to have no defences, Pumas stormed into a huge lead only for Falcons to muster a great second half fightback and at one stage I really though they would do it. In the end, they had just enough in the tank. Auckland against Otago was a far more clinical game with Auckland comfortable winners 48-7, Otago were never allowed to get into the game as this is why Auckland are top and Otago bottom. To think Auckland haven’t got their All Black stars back, looks like a great game against Canterbury coming up this weekend. Managed to get to see the highlights of Cheetahs versus the Sharks, an awesome game with a last minute drop goal to secure it for the Cheetahs.

In the premership, again another week of close games apart from Gloucester- Northants, where Northanst were on the end of a big drubbing, Sale narrowly beat Saracens on Friday night as Falcons lost to Irish. Bath were unconvincing in a 17-11 win over Worcester, who are still routed to the foot of the table and result of the weekend Bristol sunk the mighty Wasps and boy did they thoroughly deserve to!

Sky sports – they do a good round up of Currie Cup, Air NZ Cup, Premiership, but what about the Celtic League and other far flung leagues, when will they start showing a wider selection – this rugby nut wants more

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