Real Rugby Nuts

Heartbreak for Ireland

Posted in Internationals by therugbynut on June 17, 2006

What a game – the passion stood out in such dreadle conditions – driving rain! What a cauldron to play in, New Zealand not beaten here in over a decade

Another out and out display by Ireland, but the All Blacks appeared too strong. Almost opportunistic, the All Blacks lacked real possession in the second half, they had to play of scraps, but their cutting running was both breathtaking and devastating. McAllistair's one on one drive for the line against O'Gara was man against boy type rugby was the turning point of the game when Ireland had just dragged themselves back to within 3 points of the New Zealanders. But that was the only moment when that occurred.

The worrying thing for the All Blacks is that without Dan Carter, they just don't have that cutting edge. McAllistair is a good flyhalf, but he is not in the same class, a quality back, but that is all. The New Zealand back three are reluctant to kick in their own 22, which although very exciting does put a lot of pressure on themselves. Basic rugby guys. We all love exciting running out of the 22, but not every time. I suppose it could be said that they are supremely confident, I am just advising a bit of caution.

Ireland slow of the blocks, New Zealand quick to start and scoring two good tries. The Irish responding in typical dogged fashion with two tries before half time. A penalty to draw it back to 20-17 down, only for McAllistair to break Irish hearts with a try after almost total 2nd half possession by Ireland.

What a game!


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