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Start of the Season

Posted in My Week In A Nutshell by therugbynut on August 29, 2006

Well got back to training last night, wow been out of the loop for three weeks and felt it. Too much comfort eating and drinking has definitely taken its toll. I was out of breath walking up Broad Street today and have got to start getting back to my new normal.

Training last night, we had about 30 people down, so after the obligatory run round the pitch and stretches, we got down to some good old fashioned sevens rugby with 15 a side. 5 man scrums and no line outs, a lot of running and tackling, that was tiring. Wow the nights are starting to draw in as well, it was getting dark about 8.30.

Now the great news, rugby really starts this weekend, first at 3pm Saturday we play Deeping 1sts, not so good as they have just recruited half of Peterborough firsts, so we are likely to be dicked. Oh well, it will be good to get back onto the pitch. About the same time, we have Kiwi vs Boks, part 2 and then……..

the Guiness Premiership kicks off, Saracens v Wasps, London Irish v Harlequins, Gloucester v Bath & Worcester v Bristol. Then on Sunday, we have 300 minis descend on the club, followed by the VPs (Old Farts) lunch and then Leicester v Sale and Northampton v Newcastle.

What more can you want and a few beers Saturday night as it is Chris’ birthday drink. I love it, the season has started!

ps – results from the Oundle 10s Vet Tournaments, we beat Westwood 7-0 in the first game, drew 0-0 with Stewart & Lloyd (the eventual winners), lost to March and Oundle. That got us into the plate final, where we lost to Oundle as a result of two interceptions. No real surprise as we came with 1 back and 14 forwards, fantastic defensively, we lacked a cutting edge.


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